Industrial Music Electronics Bionic Lester MKIII

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Industrial Music Electronics Bionic Lester MKIII; Eurorack Module; digital dual-channel multimode filter; 2-pole state-variable digital filter inspired by "virtual analog" filters of the 90s; filter characteristik blendable per channel between lowpass, bandpass, hipass and notch; manual controls for cutoff and resonace per channel; 3 CV inputs per channel (1x cutoff, 2x freely assignable); Link control for filter B allows parallel "dual peak"-linking, cascaded 4-pole mode and stereo mode; input stage with Gain/Overdrive control and digital VCA per channel; Preset Manager with 8 storage memories and preset morphing with CV control; outputs for Filter A, Filter B and Filter Mix; power consumption: 105mA (+12V) / 35mA (-12V); width: 15 HP; depth: 40mm

Votre contact: Studio/Synth/Computer

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