IO Instruments Euporie

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IO Instruments Euporie; Eurorack module; analog 4-pole Lowpass Filter; switchable between two differently sounding resonance-types: Moog characteristic (with make-up gain) and Sallen & Key; audio input with gain-control for adjustable overdrive and saturation; switchable Highpass filter (150Hz) on the audio input; audio outputs for 24dB, 12dB and 6dB filter slope; CV input for resonance control; 1V/Oct. keytracking input with attenuator; linear FM input with attenuator; 2 exponential FM inputs (unipolar and bi-polar) with attenuator and CV-Thru output; power consumption: 70mA (+12V) / 70mA (-12V); width: 12 HP; depth: 22mm

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