Joranalogue Audio Design Filter 8

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Joranalogue Audio Design Filter 8; Eurorack module; multimode filter and 8-phase oscillator; OTA based 4 pole filter; 8 separate filterpole outputs with different characteristics: lowpass (6dB, 12dB, 18dB, 24dB), hipass (6dB), bandpass + notch, phase shifter and bandpass; coarse- and fine-tune controls for filter frequency; linear and exponential FM for filter frequency, each with bipolar attenuators; 1V/oct. CV input; CV input with bipolar attenuator for resonance control; "ping" input triggers an internal transient generator for creating drum sounds; "hold"-input and -switch freezes the filter core at its current state; at self-oscillation Filter 8 works as an 8-phase sinewave oscillator with 45° phase shift between the outputs; selectable LFO mode; switchable gain-compensation for all outputs; can process audio and CV signals; 2 audio inputs; power consumption: 75mA (+12V) / 75mA (-12V); width: 12 HP; depth: 43 mm


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