Roland System-500 Complete Set

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Modular Synthesizer

  • Completely analog modular synthesizer with multiple oscillators, filters and effects
  • Vintage analogue sound in a high quality, modern instrument
  • Ideal start package with case, power supply and high quality patch cords
  • Portable metal case with side panels made of wood, can be set both flat and angled
  • Two cases can be stacked and bolted together to have a large modular system
  • 512 module with two voltage controlled oscillators (with sawtooth, sine, and square wave waveforms)
  • 521 Module with two voltage controlled filters and selectable High Pass filters
  • 530 module with two voltage controlled amplifiers, each with multiple CV inputs
  • 540 Module with two ADSR envelopes and invertible LFO with five waveforms
  • 572 module with the classic phase shifter, delay, gate delay and invertible LFO
  • Multiple CV ports for connection to other modular devices
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 481 x 135 x 157 mm
  • Weight: 3.4 kg
  • Including power supply, 10 patch cords, 4HP blank panel and start guide with sound patch examples

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