Tunesday Records 50 Blues Licks f. E-Gitarre

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DVD Workshop for Guitar

  • 50 Catchy blues licks
  • By Jörg Sieghart
  • All licks can be combined with each other for your own blues solo guitar creations
  • The licks can be combined to a blues in A
  • Each lick is first presented in a blues-playalong and then played slowly with detailed explanation of the phrases and phrasings
  • Slides, Bendings, Hammer Ons and Pull Offs are demonstrated and explained in slow motion
  • The tablatures will be displayed after each demonstrated lick
  • Furthermore, the DVD provides as a "companion band" 2 Blues-Playalongs with corresponding Leadsheets to practice the licks
  • Detailed footage with 3 cameras
  • EAN 4424097610007
  • Running time: over 100 min.
  • In German language

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