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Rock Blues Country Harp Workbook

The harp (or the harmonica), is enjoying an increase in popularity. Whether in the latest rock music, rich-in-tradition blues, or American country music; the harp is not hard to find across music styles with its distinctive riffs, licks, and solos.

This book teaches technique and use of the blues harp in rock, blues, and country, including playing in straight and crossharp, bends, riffs, licks, intros, endings and solos with scales!

  • An introduction to playing the harp / harmonica
  • Popular riffs, licks, and intros
  • Scale tips for solos
  • Bending exercises
  • Table of all harp keys
  • With sample and exercise CD
  • DIN A4
  • 144 Pages
  • Author: Martin Rost

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