Perfect but expensive

I bought this AKG BNC Cable for my AKG IEM 4500 In Ear Unit. Just to add, for the WMS Instrument Series you need two of these, for the In Ear Unit just one.

The quality of the cable is pretty good.

It could be a little shorter for the IEM 4500 because you need just one as I mentioned before and the install slot of the rack-rail is directly beside the transmitter unit. 5 cm less cable and it would be perfect.

First I wanted to solder one of these cables on my own due to the price tag but i found out that all the single parts cost me nearly the same as the AKG Set so I decided to go with the AKG because the rack-rail has a special mounting that it fits perfectly and the self-wired version wouldn't.

It's still expensive for such a short cable but if you've already one of the expensive AKG Wireless Systems you could go with these cables too.

One star less for the price