Good for studio/listening/guitar practice

These are very decent headphones for a variety of musical applications. They have a relatively wide frequency response and have little or no sound "coloring". This means they are good for monitoring and audio production, listening to music, and also plugging straight into the headphone jack of a guitar amplifier for late night practice. When pushed, bass, mids and highs sound nice and crisp. Being semi-open they do leak a tiny bit of sound so this model is not ideal for voice recording.

I usually find this type of headphones somewhat uncomfortable, but these ones are especially nice to wear. They are self-adjustable and the pads cup the ears nicely. The synthetic leather pads make me sweat a bit around the ears after 2 hours or so, however.

This set includes an extra pair of velour pads and an extra cord, which is a nice addition and worth the price difference compared to the MKI (at the time of purchasing). Having detachable mini XLR cords is, by the way, a great feature.

Within their price range and category these are a very good option and I am happy with them. They sound better and are better built than slightly cheaper options, but might not be what serious Hi-Fi enthusiasts are looking for. For the listed applications they perform very well and are very reasonably priced.