I have been blown away by these headphones!

I have purchased these headphones to be used for a reference when mixing at home or in my university's studios. (!Caution being Semi-Open headphones they will not be suited for tracking as they will release sound bleed into the microphones!).

When first listening to these headphones I was shocked to hear how tight the bass response was (I'm not sure wether this is due to the semi-open characteristics because I have only used closed back headphones up to these), the headphones have a mostly flat frequency response and have great clarity/detail. I highly recommend them for someone who wants a pair of reference/main mixing headphones.

Most headphones are quite heavy and after a while get really uncomfortable, but not these headphones, these honestly feel like you aren't actually wearing a pair of full size headphones. They are really light and even when worn for hours (which I have done), they do not get the slightest bit irritable, which is a bonus for me as i'm usually stuck in front of my computer hours at a time when mixing.

I cant give an opinion on whether they are road worthy as I haven't taken them places where they would get bashed about etc, but to me they feel like they could take a beating even with their light and flexible frame!