Great headphones

I use the akg's for acoustic & electric guitar and vocals at my home studio. I'm very happy with the sound and comfort. played and recorded 4h the first night without any strain. AKG symbols on the sides are not glued straight but don't affect any functions.

Much more bass than I expected, very nice balanced sound even when tested on ios devices. I like mids and highs and am not a bass-head. If someone's worried about the 55 ohms, my choice (as many others) for iphone is koss portapro and they sport 60 ohms of impedance. Despite impedance comparison, I'm happy to have a headphone amp around in the studio when plugging in to my tc-helicon pedal.

Was on the market for AKG k240 studio, but opted for these due to accessories included. Got sr850 in the same order (out of curiosity & for random visitor use) and the k240 mkii are from a different world when it comes to everything. Get real reputable phones and not the fake ones!

Great for studio (consider the sound leakage from the semi open back before getting them for recording) if you don't want to spend a fortune.