Extremely Good Quality for the Price

I use these headphones for mixing and for podcasting with a friend, and in both cases I get crystal clear and accurate sound that far exceeds other headphones cheaper than this I have tried, and is also amazingly comfortable to wear, as my podcasting partner agreed when he tried them.

The semi-open design helps deliver decent sound quality without sacrificing isolation, making it really good for hearing how your instruments will sound in a mix as you record them while keeping room noise to a minimum.


Allows for both mixing and recording use, and excels at both for its price range, making it ideal for musicians on a budget or recording while travelling/on-site outside of a studio.

Cons: Slight lack of clarity in the low/bass frequencies can make mixing bass-heavy mixes tricky, however it is only slight, and hardly noticeable most of the time.

Overall a fantastic buy for travelling or budget-limited musicians, and at the price they are undoubtedly leagues ahead of other headphones in value for money.