Exactly What I Was Looking For!

I am studying to be a recording sound engineer and I am required to have a "good" set of headphones. After a lot of searching and reading reviews I stumbled across these. They are absolutely perfect and I cant find any faults what so ever! The evenly balanced sound is incredible and the frequency range is superb. They even cover frequencies that the human ear cannot hear. I am required to wear the headphones for long periods of time when working on projects and these are the most comfortable headphones I have tried to date. They hold on your head well but do not press against your ears, they feel lightweight when you're wearing them and they mould well to the shape of your head. This version comes with suede like earpads and a the standard vinyl/fake leather ones which I prefer. They also come with 2 different length cables which is great for me. Sometimes I am mixing on my laptop and sometimes I am in the live room where the connection point is a distance away. One cable is short and coiled and the other is straight and long. I love these headphones and would recommend them to any person in my field of work. The only thing I would point out (by no means a negative comment) is that the headphones don't feel like they would stand up to being put in a rucksack without any sort of protection. Currently I am still using the box which is great but in time I will buy a case for them. Great headphones, 5 stars.