Incredible Value

These headphones have an astounding frequency range and I've been using them for producing for about 3 years now. They're quite comfortable however after extended periods of use the leather can make you sweat a little.

The balance between the different frequencies is brilliant and unlike many of today's commercial consumer and even some studio headphones - the bass response isn't overpowering. Everything has it's own space in a well made mix while wearing these. Once I got them I put on Bitches Brew by Miles Davis because of how intricate the mix is (3 pianos, 2 hard panned left and right, one down the centre, 2 drummers hard panned left and right plus the normal jazz setup) and I was blown away. It totally changed my perception of the album.

These are brilliant for listening, for producing, mixing, sound design, and anything else that requires hi fidelity sound. They are pretty much noiseless on their own which gives the sound clarity as opposed to being drowned out by a hiss or high pitched ringing in the case of noise cancelling headphones. Beware however, they don't have great isolation or volume because they are open backed. I highly recommend these.