Amazing Headphones, Cheap Price and Good Longevity.

I used this for my own work and little else. They're a nifty pair of headphones.

Pros: -Nice overall sound, doesn't meddle much with lows or highs.

-Comfortable, specially in the winter.

-Removable cable for replacement, giving it more lifetime.

-Overall good aesthetic design.

-Surprising good quality for the price.

Cons: -Will warm your ears up too much during summer time or hot days.

-While it can replace its cable, it's rather fragile on the headphone's end, so I advise buying a spare cable. The spare cable is also a bit too costly and insanely long, but the latter might also be a Pro for yourself.

Overall, I highly reccomend getting these. They're amazing for the price and will last a very VERY long time if you take care of them and have enough cables to replace overtime. AKG's doing fine work with this line.