Gorgeous, even if not *completely& neutral.

I use these headphones every day, both for composing, mixing & tracking. I can wear them all day every day for weeks and weeks without any sort of fatigue, either from a sonic perspective, or from the physical weight / shape of the headphones.

The sound reproduction is absolutely dreamy, and it makes listening and writing an absolute joy -- as almost everything sounds good! Everything is also crystal clear, without ever being harsh or unrealistic.

My only critique is that in the very low-end (say, sub 120Hz) they are perhaps too smooth, making it difficult to get an accurate picture of how this frequency range will translate to other listening environments.

If you are looking for bass-heavy headphones, try something else, but if you are looking for headphones that make your work a dream, and encourage confidence when writing / composing, & recording -- then i haven't heard better than these :)