To me the AKG 240 Studio headphones are THE reference, very clear sounding, you can hear lots of details in the music you wont hear with other headphones or speakers, and still they do have a great bass response, but withouth sounding muddy.

After a short period of time you get used to that detailed sound and listening to music or working on your mixes to a new level.

Or just playing your favourite electir guitar trough an kemper profiler or fractal audio axe fx II makes those headphones very versatile.

The Original Headphones, Made in Austria, have a great build quality and even after many years of daily usage they work flawlesslessly and sound great as on day one, i have bought 3 different pairs in the last decade and none of them let me down once

i will recommend them to anyone who looks out for new headphones with a great reliability and very good and clean sound