Just buy these!

I had Sony V700 besides I had these. Sold those because they were a little bit uncomfortable for people like me, people that use glasses. They tend to clamp your head. Buying new headphones I was trying to decide on these or other more expensive ones. The aim was "studio usage" and "home practicing".

Let me say, they still amaze me. An amazing sound! The fact that they're semi-open helps a lot on the natural sound it gives. They're very comfortable and light! When I say light... the day they arrived I picked the box and thought that they weren't inside. Once again, amazing sound!

Problems? Just two: I fear that the plastics won't be that durable and the bigger issue is definitely the heat. They tend to heat a lot! Someone told me that I could try other pads and with that I could have a solution for the heating problem. Maybe I'll try that.