A Studio Standard for a Reason

These are really just great all-around headphones, and at this price, they're very accessible. I mostly bought them because they have nearly a completely opposite sonic representation that the DT 770s, so if I'm ever questioning the quality of a mix that I'm working on I can switch between the two to make sure everything is well-represented in the mix.

In addition to being great in the studio, they can also just be great for listening. There's something magical going on around the mids in these cans and it can give you a completely new perspective on music that you thought you knew!

Having worked with 770s for a while, I was constantly battling ear-fatigue. After I added the K-240s to my toolbox, I was able to mix for longer periods of time without feeling completely washed out. They also work fantastically at low volumes, which can be a lifesaver.

I genuinely don't have much to say that's negative about these headphones. If you're looking for something to cancel out sound and thump your ears off with bass and be super crispy, then these simply aren't for you.

I won't ever work on a project without these again. Must-have headphones.