Good but not really what I expected

I bought these headphones recently for plugging them into my audio interface and using on making psychedelic music.

What you need to know:

Long cable. You may not like it, but I love it, gives option to move around the room without needing to take them off and on all the time.

It originally comes not with the studio type jack (like guitar cables have) but with the small regular headphone jack. Fortunately, there is a qualitative adapter included. Not sure how it affects the quality though.

The quality itself is not really what I expected. I used iPhone 6 earbuds all the time, and benchmarking from them the lower frequencies are pretty weak. Too weak I'd say. Can't enjoy those groovy basslines as much I'd like to. The headphones themselves aren't too loud either, but aren't really quiet as well.

Also, remember, that they only isolate your ears partially, which maybe puts a toll on the sound quality a bit.

In general I don't feel quite content with them. I'd say you need to test them out and compare with others before buying.