AKG Headphones

I'm not convinced !

I'm using headphones out of a Guitar amp. Up till now been using some cheap JBL branded headphones from the supermarket ! Thought I'd treat myself and purchase something a little more "grown up". My first and immediate impression was that the AKG's just seem "dead" in comparison. I'm sure they lack something around the 3/4 mid to high frequency, clarity, presence, life, whatever you want to call it.

Playing P90 or single coil Tele guitars, the old JBL'S sound alive and portray the character of those pickups. I put on the AKG's and it's like listening through cotton wool. I even give the pickup height a tweak on the treble side and / or push the EQ on the amp.

Sound is very subjective, which sound is right. Which speaker is correctly rendering what you've actually got at source, short of actually measuring with laboratory equipment. So maybe the AKG's are technically "faithful". They are nicely made and fairly comfortable, appear to be of a quality. But as I sit here and revue my Thomann purchases, I have listened through the same classical piano cd via headphones old and new and the old are a lot more dynamic and enjoyable to my hearing - I don't believe the JBL's have any "onboard" processing / enhancement.

The AKG's are okay. Are they good ? - I have no idea.