Allparts Switchcraft EP0055 Jack

Allparts Switchcraft EP0055 Jack socket

I purchased a couple of Danelectro guitars around two years ago, (a DC59 mod and a DC59 12 string), both guitars turned out to be a lot of fun and for the price paid I have been presently surprised at the overall quality, the only real problem has been with the jacks which after a year of fairly regular use had started to get a little unreliable and after another 12 months really are knackered and do need to be replaced.

I have used the switchcraft jack sockets before to replace the input sockets on a little Fender Champion 600 valve amplifier, they were very easy to use and soldered easily with the threads being well cut and no rough edges or finish issues on the contact areas and they have worked reliably for a few years.

My only concern is the length of the thread, when I used them on the fender amp it was a fairly thin metal chassis front and there was sufficient thread length on the jack socket, I can see this would also work of fender straocasters of telecasters as the mountings are also fairly thin metal but the danelectro pickguards are thicker and made from fairly thick hardboard so I will find out if the threads are long enough when I strip them down soon and will update this review at that time.