Innovative design, mediocre sound

I bought this preamp to add some new tube overdrive sounds to my studio arsenal. I watched some product videos and decided to go for this pedal as I like both soldano and mesa sounds - that this piece should deliver.


The pedal is built like a tank, it's small, compact and using it is really straightforward. The EQ section works great and even though the controls are small, they are accessible. A lot of good engineering ideas have been packed in here.


The docking feature is weird, there is a hole in the bottom of the pedal and you can see the circuitry when looking through it. It's definitely not recommended to use this without a pedalboard. Once a beer or water is thrown / kicked on the stage the device may be doomed.

The pedal is quite noisy and harsh on higher gain levels, not sure if this is due to a broken tube or the design, but I didn't want to void the warranty by disassembling it. The two channels S and R are just too similar, the headroom is small and the sound is quite weak. Misses body and punchyness overall. The preamp section in my 5150 LBXII beats this pedal by lightyears.


Really nice approach to building a compact preamp, but the sound quality does definitely not match the price tag. I am going to return it, but I'm interested to see future AMT products.