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Tube Preamp System

The Tube Preamp System offers a completely new technology, which can be found only in ART microphone preamplifiers - ARTs new V3 (Variable Valve Voicing) Technology.

The ART TPS II mic preamp has continuously variable input impedance and a dynamic range of over 120 dB. The revised V3 presets, as well as instruments and microphone connectors on front and back with an automatic switch can, for example, operate as active DI Box tubes making the TPS even more versatile. The LED meter allows an accurate control of the input level and ARTs improved OPL Limiter protects the devices in the signal chain from unwanted signal peaks.

The ART TPS II Tube Preamp System is a hybrid microphone preamplifier of State-of-the-Art quality. The ART TPS II is a combination of two high-quality, discrete V3 technology preamps. V3 stands for Variable Valve Voicing and offers fantastic presets for each instrument to be recorded, so that all your recordings sound professional. V3 supports you with optimized reference settings, greatly facilitating the beginning of a recording. V3 allows you to select different preamp settings for guitar (electric and acoustic), keyboards, bass, drums, vocals and others. Unique in this class is the ability to control two analog VU meter levels.

Instruments or microphones can be connected to the input jacks on the back or combo jacks on the front.

The mic preamp offers a dynamic range of over 120 dB and accepts signals up to 20 dB. Thanks to the tube stage with their classic warm sound and the specially tailored vocal, guitar, bass and acoustic instrument V3 presets, the ART TPS II can also be perfectly set as a tube DI box. Output Protection Limiter (OPL) prevents overload and limits the signal before distortions can occur.

  • 2 Channel tube microphone preamplifier
  • With hand selected 12AX7A tube
  • Variable input impedance
  • Automatic switching between instrument and mic input
  • Over 120 dB dynamic range
  • LED input meter and 2 analog VU meters
  • Frequency response: 5 Hz - 50 kHz
  • +48 V Phantom power
  • Built-in limiter
  • Phase reverse switch
  • +20 dB Switch
  • Presets for EQ and limiter settings
  • XLR and jack connectors

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