Short but sturdy

I bought two pairs of these little mics and ran them against my AKGs. Have to say they performed very well indeed and the fact that you get a pair for the price of one AKG (Perception 150) makes them excellent value for money. I love my AKGs and use them in a variety of situations, but will now use these C2s in the same place.

The only thing I would say is being short and stubby the stand and mic clip body can end up being closer to a sound source than some may be used to, particularly acoustic guitars, so some ingenuity with regard to stand arms (use of shorrt booms etc) may be necessary.

I found them particularly useful for miking up junior school readers for a Christmas presentation. They are designed for recording, but have a great live sound and their feedback rejection is impressive.

If you need some good solid workhorse condenser mics and need to be very "cost-effective" grab yourself a couple of pairs of these great little mics