Mega good for violins and flutes

I conduct a choir specializing in what I’d call a progressive religious choral music - think Piotr Rubik meets Pink Floyd ? In other words, a lot of singers, a lot of players playing a lot of instruments including some that are notoriously hard to a) amplify b) amplify properly, such as violins and flutes.

After I bit of research, I decided to go for this matched pair – the price is hard to match, especially if you consider that C2s come in a case, with foam popshields and a microphone stand adapter.

I wasn’t disappointed. Far from it. Soundwise, the microphones are really excellent – we use them for, you guessed it, violins and flutes, and reproduction is natural and realistic.

The perceived quality is high, they seem well built and so far we’ve had no issues with them – mind, they’re not used in a permanent installation, we move quite a lot.

Definitely recommended.