It does the job

It is not a high end product so i don't think any professionals will use it.

That been said it will work just fine for everything else,

I tested it as a controller on Traktor pro 3 , it works fine.

The dsp inside it does wonders for beginners who just want to ad some subs and an amp to their systems , it has high pass and low pass for that mono sub out .

As a dj mixer it is ok but it will take some time to get used to that effects sections and even more time to get used to that samples section. Crossfader is important for scratch dj's and on this mixer you can easily swap it for a better one.

I recommend this mixer for any beginner dj's ,beginner or intermediary Pa speakers owners , small pubs, or pretty much to anyone in sound business who just want something versatile that those the job with an OK quality.