Best mixer for the price

I have this mixer for about 6 years, I've made a lot of live performances with it.

If you're looking for the best price for the value, and if you will use for personal use, you should get this one.


- A lot of buitl in FX's with 2 FX modules (personally I love all of them)

- Really configurable, even the side-chain of the microphone can be configurable plus a dedicated FX for it can be assigned

- MIDI in almost all buttons, so you can control any MIDI capable SW

- Really easy to use after some time, because the learning curve is different from the Pioneer mixers (yes mostly because we are used to them)

- The price is a must

- It terms of functionalities you will not get disappointed. Pioneer took 4 years longer to be at the same stage of this mixer in terms of FX and functionality.

- Up to 4 user presets for different users, you don't want to configure it to your needs every time you will perform


- If this desk is for club use, don't get it. Most of the Dj's are not careful with the gear. The rotary buttons, they can be taken with relative ease and the fades can break with the excess of use.

- For time to time, when I start up the mixer, all the lights of the mixer turn on and freezes. The workaround is to perform an electrical reboot.

- It happened to me once, the mixer to be frozen in the midle of a show