Absolutely amazing mixer at a great price,

I bought this mixer as an upgrade from the basic 2 Channel mixer I already owned, the main reason I bought this mixer was due to it being a quarter the price of other mixers similar to it. I love the 2 effects sections which makes layering effects so much more fun and creative. It came with a traktor demo which I never used, I prefer the standard setup of cdjs and mixer, I also like that all the effects were customisable. Though the mixer looked a bit complicated and frightening at first glance, I quickly got used to the features and layout after an hour, I don't really like how light the faders feel, there unbelievably light compared to the pioneer range, but givin the price difference I can look over that, the only thing the ddm 4000 is missing for me is a send/return which means its only possible to hook up extremely effects processors through the master output and doesn't give you the option to use them

On different channels. But overall I would recommend this product, specially for anyone on a budget!