No recommendation unless you have no other choice

When I bought this Sax Mute, I was hoping for a totally new device that could take away all my troubles with the neibours. But unfortunately, you have to make more than one compromise to please the people around you with silence.


When I played the first few notes, I was thrilled: It was so much quieter! But when I tried to play the lower notes - nothing! Everything below D simply does not come out of the horn. I tried to put a vine-cork into the bell - a trick to get a better response for the low notes. It got better, but nevertheless not that good that you could play freely.

The high notes above high C-sharp did not come out of the horn, too.

The intonation also suffered, I could not get the middle D in tune.


With the headphones and the reverb out of the little box it sounded quite ok, but I prefer a dry saxophone tone, so that I know how I sound unaltered.

Without the headphone, you hear what your neighbours are supposed to hear: a quiet, muddy sound. But that is in the sense of the producer.


I was disappointed by the quality of the product. Everything seems very cheap, the earphone-plug broke after one week and the locks wore out after a while.

Additionally, there is no way out for the air, so your hands get very wet after a short playing time.

I am lucky to have a practice room in the cellar now, but even if I had not, I would not use this Sax Mute anymore.