end of battle for practice

i live in a house with my wife who teaches in the home most days and nights of the week. This has meant that in the past while the music room is blasting out fultes at a good volume there is nowhere in the house that I can play my sax as it can be heard in the music room. Best Brass mute has changed that now for ever. Unbelievably if i play upstairs there is only a whisper to be heard downstairs and they have to make an effort to listen. So no more grumbling about not having practise time. The built in metronome is brilliant as is the three reverb settings. Having the sound isolated through headphones is a great tool for working on intonation. And the fact that you can feed playalongs straight through any source is amasing. you are not bothering anyone with the sound of sax or the rythm section on a backing track. Great investment in my developement.