A must-have for the apartment player

When I purchased a saxophone I didn't know it was such a loud instrument. I tried different ways of dampening down the highs and the lows, but it was still loud. The best way is to have a practice booth which one can build with basic construction skills, or purchase it (but it's very expensive). The cheapest option for me was to buy this e-Sax mute and I was pleasantly surprised by the results. Yes, it is more expensive than my saxophone but it is worth keeping good relationships with the neighbors.

Some say that low notes are hard to play with it. I don't find any problem playing them at all. All notes play well with the mute.

The built-in amplifier is good enough. It's heavier than the saxophone, but not that heavy for a (comfortable) neck strap. For those that think it will be too heavy for them, they may purchase a shoulder harness.