Great headphones with some minor downsides

As comfortable as reviews have claimed this headphone to be, I've always found myself needing to adjust it. They're actually still quite good, however I feel as though the earcups could have been slightly larger, and my ears aren't all that big. This is possibly due to their circular shaping rather than a more elliptical one that would accommodate ears better. The headband itself is nicely padded. The indentations on the headband that are used to adjust the size of the headphone are too shallow and often require resetting to your preferred size.

As for the sound quality, it sounds brilliant. It has served me well for the past two years, though the first pair that I received did not perform well when I conducted an audio sweep test upon it so I returned it for another pair. I am now noticing however that under conditions, medium-loud volumes of deep bass cause distortion in one of the drivers. I don't know if this is typical for headphones, however I don't find it acceptable as it can be distracting when critically listening to kicks or bass parts. I have been offered a repair service by Thomann.

An alternative: AKG K-712 Pro.