Sound quality and comfort can co-exist!

After much trials and errors finding a headphone which sounds good and comfortable to wear, I finally discovered this headphone. I can wear it for many hours without feeling any pain on my ears.

Before I found Thomann, I ordered two Sony headphones from Amazon - both were turned out to be counterfeits (MDR V900HD and MDR7506). I think one should be extremely careful to purchase things from the Amazon Market Place merchants. I managed to return one of them but stuck with the other :(.

I then ordered another one directly from Sony - which was genuine and comfortable but had very poor sound (MDR-1R).

I then tried Sennheiser HD 598 from Amazon (not the Market Place) - sound was great but was extremely uncomfortable. It was quickly tucked in the original package and returned to Amazon.

I could be one of those people with a "difficult fit" head and ears. But even for those with no such problem, I wholeheartedly recommend this headphone. It is way less oppressive than the completely closed type headphone and has more powerful base than the open type headphone.

In other words - the best of both worlds :).