Good but not quite the revelation I had hoped for

Previously been using the Superlux HD 681B headphones for mixing and general listening to music via an Audient ID4 interface and upgraded to these expecting a huge improvement. I gave them several overnight sessions on 'pink noise' via You Tube to burn them in before properly evaluating them. Yes, they sound pretty good and are obviously a bit quieter due to the higher impedance vs the Superlux (2x32 ohms) but I found them a little muddy if I'm honest, even listening to albums known for being well mixed/mastered. They are helpful for setting levels I would say but maybe they would sound better with an interface with a more powerful headphone amp. I haven't tried with a separate headphone amp yet as it seems the ID4 should be enough but I might upgrade the interface at some point to see if it sounds any different. I'd recommend pairing them with Tonebuster's Morphit to get the most neutral sound if you are using them for mixing or just like to listen to music with a more neutral sound balance.