Great choice for the pro and amateur alike

I did plenty of research before buying these, and I haven't been disappointed. Their direct competitor is the Sennheiser 650's and although they are rated as some of the best mixing headphones out there, these are also on par. The bass response has been argued to be more 'genuine' as in less hyped than the Sennheiser's and I have to say that it seems to translate to other speakers very well.

The sound is open, clear and well defined throughout the spectrum and while I haven't used the Sennheiser's, I can say that for mixing and listening on headphones, these will allow you to do a professional job and also enjoy music or audio very close to the way the artists intended it to be. Not great for isolated recording as they are semi-open so there is bleed, but it can be fine in a busy mix. Comfy for long periods, simply put, they sound fantastic! (May need headphone preamp to get high volumes)