Precise, Sturdy, Repairable Cans that Improve With Age

An interesting headphone that does differ to previous models I have tried from the same manufacturer. The DT-880's are rugged and very clean although they can be slightly harsh in the 2-5Khz range to begin with - this is actually somewhat useful as getting these resonant frequencies accurate in any mix is crucial.

To make use of them you will NEED a high quality headphone amp. Too many times equipment of this nature suffers from under-powered elements or cheap sections within a persons studio chain. The sound is not tiring but does take getting used to - especially if I compare them to the very low end heavy DT-990's I have used before. You soon realise that in most cases the extra low end in certain headphones only masks the important elements of music due to a physical limitation you have in headphones. Super low frequencies wont generate wavelengths properly within a 4-5" circumference slammed right next to your ear. With that in mind it means you don't need to listen to these cans at full whack to appreciate their accuracy. Thus why this model tend to be priced at a good £50-60 higher than other models in the manufacturers range.

Once worn in these headphones will give you an immediate sense of what needs addressing in a mix at all listening levels. I cannot iterate though the importance of a good amp that can drive them cleanly. A sound card with a required power outlet will help as sound cards that run from the USB or Firewire port will not likely be able to use the 5V supply to much use. Firewire cards might be okay in this respect as that use a 12.8V DC.

As an additional bonus, ALL parts are replaceable.