A great choice for sanity checking your bass frequencies.

These were recommended by a trusted friend and I'm really happy with them.

Initially they sound underwhelming but that is because they aren't hyped at the top end.

I find they have a tiny bit too much high mids 2-4khz although the overall tonal balance is excellent. They are a very relaxing headphone to use although they can like most over ear headphones press a little too hard onto the veins in front of your ears.

I also have some well known closed back headphones and I would say that these are definitely nicer to use for long periods of time like when the kids are asleep.

They don't fold up so they aren't the best choice for travelling and the open back design means you can only use them for tracking without a click - I've had click bleed come through quite obviously even at low levels.

It's worth paying a little extra for headphones of this quality - they don't sound impressive but that's the point, they are honest enough and the bass end is much more honest and transferable than any other cans I have used.