Great tube sound in a pretty, portable package

I was looking for an affordable hybrid bass amp head - tube preamps and a solid state power section - and the BV1001T definitely delivers. I've had it a few months, and it works exactly as advertised - great rich sound, very musical EQ shaping, built in compressor, and plenty of power. I've even used it as a guitar amp on occasion, so it's pretty versatile. All this in a light package that won't break your back - it even comes with a convenient handle built-in! Plus great looks to boot - at least in my opinion.

My only negative feedback would be that fiddling with the volume knob sometimes results in some audible crackling. This is very slight, and doesn't happen any other time, so I'm not too concerned about it.

If this product could be improved, I'd suggest 2 things it currently lacks: A higher gain version that breaks up nicely, and maybe a carrying solution like a bag to come with it - this amp was made to be portable after all.

Otherwise, I can wholeheartedly recommend this product!