Not sure if my amplifier was defective or I did not care for the sound but I ended up sending it back after having it for three days. Aesthetically this amplifier is the best I've seen in the class D bass amp category, it looks and feels like a very very high quality product and oozes style. The metal chasis is sturdy and well finished with a brushed metal style. The knobs feel very durable and have a reassuring turn to them. There is also a rubber side handle for easy transportation which I thought to be useless before actually using it (its a great feature). Apart from all of the slick stylings, I was very underwhelmed when I plugged it in. Again, let me say that this amp may have been defective because the sound was not what I was looking for out of a bass amp at all. A very audible buzz rang out with every note I dug into on my bass. I was very disappointed as every other feature on this amp was perfect for me. If this was just a faulty unit, I would consider buying another in the future because it is a great amp otherwise.