High quality audio cables for a great price

I bought these cables in need to replace longer ones in my studio. I have some expensive hardware which needs quality connections and these cables don't dissapoint.

The build quality is very good, nothing to complain there. Sturdy REAN plugs and flexible Cordial cables. The audio quality is also very good, no loss in clarity, no noise issues etc. Everything sounds as it should, clean and transparent, you just basically make the connections and forget about the cables, they won't degrade your sound. I'm very demanding on audio quality so I also tested the cables with loopback tests along with other, more expensive ones I have. I'm happy to report that the results are basically identical, so you shouldn't be fooled and tempted to pay ten times the price, these will also deliver professional results.

Quality cables are quite pricey in both local and online music shops in my area, even the basic, no-name ones are more expensive than these so it was really a bargain for me. Given the price/performance ratio I would highly recommend these cables for studio use anytime. With longer runs they would be perfect for live use as well as the build quality is very nice indeed.