Does the job!

Wanted to put strap locks on my acoustics. All have end pins with jack sockets. This was the only solution I could find with Thomann. I have purchased Schallers for the other side.

Arrived exactly on time and very well packaged with other gear I had ordered. Straight out of the pack it is bigger than you might think and not all that glamorous but not bad looking either. It is super easy to use and you can fit it to your strap in seconds and leave it on or take it off if you like. It hooks on to the guitar relatively easy. There is no front or back. It has a very soft rubber to protect the end of your guitar from friction marks. It lies pretty flat against the end of the guitar & it is quiet on the guitar and doesn't rattle when the guitar is on. It is quite secure and fits the Fishman sockets like a glove. I would have 99% confidence in it! (Nobody gets 100% LOL)

The only minor negative is that it ads about 5-6 inches to the length of your strap, so you will need to consider this when buying for your strap.

All in all a great product from D'Addario. Good solution for acoustic players that want to lock the strap on to the guitar while allowing a jack to be plugged in with no difficulty.