Excellent Idea...however!

I fitted a Fishman pickup to an acoustic guitar, however, when I tried to fit a strap, the leather piece of the strap wouldn’t fully engage with the end-pin strap-button (why don’t Manufacturers just make the end-pins bigger?). I searched the Thomann website (as you do!) and saw this device.

It’s exactly what I was looking for...however, the Chord is tied with a knot at the end and when I gently touched pulled at it, the knot unravelled. Okay this is no biggie, but if I’d have put this straight onto my guitar strap and the Chord knot untied, I’d be Googling names of local Luthiers.

So, when you first get the CinchFit, dab a little bit of Superglue on the Knot to stop it unravelling (why isn’t this done at the assembling process...?) and you’ll be good to go.

Apart from that, it’s spot-on!