Very good for d-standard

I use these for D-standard, in occasional alteration with the comparable Balanced-tension set. I pick these over the BT when I need a little extra tension on the low end if I am exptecting to go to Drop-C.

the extra 002 on the low end helps keep things taught.

Unlike the BT set, however, the G and C (or A and D if you are standard tuning) strings already have a sizably higher tension than the low D (or E...) which offsets the above advantage in feel a little. It takes some getting used to switching between sets.

By and large I like the set. As always with D'Addario they sound fantastic, are wonderfully low-impact packaged with easily recycled plastic and cardboard in low quantities and seemingly last longer than you might expect. Will definitely buy again in the future - although I may add a thicker low string if I ever decide to keep a guitar permanently in dropped tuning.