DiMarzio DP151 BK F-Spaced

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The classic PAF humbucker sound with an extra portion of mids and treble, therefore PAF Pro. For all those guitarists who do not want a high-gain shouter, but would like to have their sound slightly hotter and more assertive. A particularly popular combination: At the neck a PAF (143059) and at the bridge the PAF Pro. Thus also the volume ratio between the neck and the bridge pickup is balanced - a short revision: As strings can oscillate better towards their middle, the neck pickup (given identical pickups) is always slightly louder. The DP 151F (F-spacing) is suitable for guitars with Floyd Rose vibratos.

  • PAF Pro bridge pickup
  • Black
  • F-Spaced
  • Magnet alnico 5
  • Output: 300 mV
  • DC resistance 8.40 k

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