DiMarzio DP704 Evolution 7 BK

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Pickups for seven-string guitars

The DiMarzio Evolution bridge humbucker with F (Floyd Rose-Vibrato) spacing was developed according to the ideas of the super guitar acrobat of the 90s, Steve Vai. So what could be more appropriate than to adapt this pickup to the 7-string guitars, which he also popularized? What is already difficult with distorted sounds is, of course, even trickier with a guitar with an additional low string: How do you prevent the deep strings from slipping without taking away too much from the bass foundation? The DP704 masters this task confidently: The sound is loud and aggressive in the treble and mids, the bass range still strong, but always differentiated. You do not have to call Steve Vai to do something with this pickup, even the ultra-deep riffs of the modern heavy group are really punchy with this pickup.

  • Humbucker pickup
  • Very fat and powerful sound with above-average overtones

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