Upgraded PSU3 are so much better.

Lots of current on tap. However, the 5V rail fuses are 2A only when the power supplies are rated as supplying 4A. This is just weird.

I run a bunch of digital modules and blew one of the fuses when organizing the case. In order to investigate the fuses, one must remove a metal shield that IS BEHIND the bus boards. This means that all of the modules on that bus must be removed, then all of the screws for the bus boards (2 of them) and then the metal shield. This is clumsy. I do understand that the Doepfer/Eurorack format is built to a price. Sometimes it shows (non-keyed headers, etc.) It will always be a pro-sumer format.

Now, why the 2A fuses instead of 3A or higher? I stuck in a 3A fuse and all is good.