Drumport StompTech Auto Stomp Player MK II

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Drumport StompTech Auto Stomp Player, MK II,converter which can use any stompbox like Stomp Kick, Laser Stomp, Shadow Stompin' Bass as a signal generator, the Auto Stomp Player converts the input signal into a bass drum or a cajon bass sound to and complemented by the patented "Human Drum Controlled Computing" more drum or percussion sounds are played only the quarter notes with your foot - the result is a complete drum accompaniment, 12 sounds or combinations, device automatically follows the speed or speed fluctuations was the player changes the additive accompanying sound start as soon as the 2nd beat input, switchable "Autoplay" function when only the basic tempo by Stompbox is input, switch for 12 combinations, sens control for trigger, toggle switch: play type, microprocessor controlled, real sample play, dynamic range of 5.46 dB, BPM: 50 - 200, die-cast aluminum housing (110x60x30 mm) weight approx 200 grams, anti-slip mat, output jack: 6.3mm unbalanced (unit is turned on plugged in), input jack 6.3mm unbalanced, DC jack: for 9 V power supply #409939 (not included), battery compartment for 9V block, made in germany


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