Drumport StompTech Laser-Stomp

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Drumport StompTech Laser-Stomp, non-Contact trigger for the foot, the foot movement between the two brackets is scanned by a red light laser and converted into a universal trigger signal, scan height approx 7mm above the ground, can be used with or without shoes, laser is harmless for skin, ideal for Finhol Auto Stomp Player (343538) or Finhol Stompbox Converter (328985), can also be used with most drum modules, due to the laser scan there is no microphonics even unintentional double-trigger, due to all other triggers no specific area has to be touched, the 17 cm wide area inside the frame of the trigger has to be interrupted to create the trigger signal, power saving and ergonomic for the player, suitable for long sessions or live applications, compared to the laser scanning the trigger signals very evenly but not dynamic, red light laser / sensor laser class 1, solid wood handle (250 x 200 x 30 mm), weight about 750 grams, felt feets, output jack: 6.3 mm unbalanced, DC jack: for 9 V AC adapter included AC adapter included, made in germany.


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