EMG Fat 55 F-Set Zebra

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Electric Guitar Active Pickup Set

  • 2x Passive humbucker pickups
  • F-Spaced
  • Inspired by the sound and response of the original PAF pickups from the 50s and 60s
  • AlNiCo magnets in traditional open coil bobbins
  • A fat, warm bass without loss of clarity on the high end
  • A newly redesigned external preamp offers the advantage of a low impedance output that impeds background noises, whilst preserving the passive nature of the tone
  • Colour: Zebra
  • Made in the USA

Includes EMG solderless installation system:

  • 2x 25 k Volume potentiometers and 2x 25 k tone potentiometers (shaft length: 95 mm)
  • 1x Battery bus
  • 1x Stereo output jack plug
  • 1x Pickup bus for 2 pickups
  • 2x Pickup cables
  • 4x Connecting cables
  • 1x Output cable
  • 1x Battery cable
  • Mounting screws and springs


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