Why isn't there a full catalogue available from Thomann?

Thomann currently stocks over 30,000 products and we are an authorised dealer for 50,000 additional items and over 1,000.000 different types of books and sheet music. Believe us... it is not easy to keep the prices up-to-date and promise great service standards for that many products! (not even with over 900 people at Thomann).

We send out our Hot Deals every week to around 80,000 of our four million plus customers all over Europe. No Hot Deals leaflet is older than six days when it arrives to your mail box. You'll always get the newest Hot Deals with the most current deals mailed directly to you.

Another reason for us not to offer a full catalogue is that we want to guarantee the same service-level throughout the year! With regular mailings every week and a volume totally depending on the current work load of our service and shipping departments, we can guarantee a stable service and availability without such things as a "catalogue season" where we have to hire untrained staff.

With our Hot Deals (up to 2,000 products), our online catalogue (35,000 products) and our HotNews mailing list, we are able to give you a quick overview of what's currently hot in Europe's music business.

By the way... if we printed out the information that is stored in our cyberstore, this would be a catalogue with more than 4,000 pages!